Gilis – Gili Trawangan

The last big earthquake happened just a couple of months ago. You could literally see that it just happened months ago. The huge church was totally destroyed and obviously a lot of other buildings as well. But somehow I felt pretty happy and welcome. They slowly start to rebuild everything but I’m pretty sure it’ll take them a while. A note I actually experienced a little earthquake as well while being on the island, but luckily it wasn’t a strong one. It kind of felt a bit like a washing machine.

On our second day we rented snorkel gear and went snorkeling with a couple of turtles which was pretty cool. The day after we decided to go on a guided snorkel day trip. They took us to Turtle Heaven Point, we had a lunch break at Gili Meno and after that short break we went snorkeling to the famous human sized statues under water. I would say it was alright. It was nice to see them but it was to crowded for me. Too many people who can’t handle themselves under water and just want to take the perfect picture. Its not like that I don’t like to take pictures, but you always should respect others, especially under water. But I don’t want to complain. The day trip was a lot of fun because we met nice guys on the boat.

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Gili Trawangan is also a great place for good food. I loved the night market right at the jetty. We went there every every single night for some freshly caught fish like barracuda. It is hilariously cheap and so tasty. Kay Cafe and Bayan Tree are also good places to have a little snack like an Açaí Bowl or Avo toast. A good place and a must place to drink a beer or party is Jiggys Club. Good memories – enough said (ask Flo, maybe he can tell you a bit more). A good low budget place to stay is Gili La Boheme (free pancakes all day).

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On our last day we jumped on a bike and drove around the island. I would recommend to do that because there are many beautiful places to stop by on the other side of the island. Grab your snorkel gear rent a bike and explore the island. If you don’t feel like biking around the entire island (which isn’t too long), go at least for a hike before sunset to Sunset Beach to see the beautiful sunset there. My hostel even organized daily evening walks to the Sunset Beach including a nice bonfire right on point.

At the end I need to say that I’m pretty happy that I went there. For me that is the best way to support them and not leave them by themselves in that situation. Now its the time to go there, spend money and help them rebuild those three beautiful little islands.

I’m about to go on a 4 days 3 nights boat trip from Bangsal to Labuna Bajo along all those beautiful islands near Komodo and Flores.

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